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Custom Pages within model-driven Microsoft Dataverse apps are a great way to build pop-up dialogs that help with user productivity. Combining this with the power of Decision Tables enables you to easily add complex logic to your Custom Pages. In this article, we’ll show you how to call a custom page from a list of records and then execute Decision Table logic from a button, returning messages to be displayed on the Custom Page.

The scenario for this example allows a user to select multiple opportunities and then change the Owner and/or change the Stage in the Business Process Flow.

Custom Page Test - North52 Business Rules Engine for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Rules for Updating Opportunities via Custom Page and Decision Tables

Rule # Description
1 When a user selects one or more Opportunities from the list, show a command button that will open a custom page as a dialog.
2 When a new Owner is selected the Opportunities are updated with the new Owner.
3 When a new Stage is selected the Opportunities are moved to the selected Stage in the Business Process Flow.
4 Messages returned from the North52 Decision Table are displayed on the Custom Page.
5 When the Custom Page is Closed, refresh the grid to reflect the changes.

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