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We’ve got all Industries covered

Wherever there is complexity in your business processes North52 provides exceptional value.

North52’s Decision Suite is used across a broad spectrum of organizations who use the Microsoft Dynamics platform and is particularly suited to those where there are significant regulations and frequently changing decision logic. Our no-code/low-code platform allows rules to be implemented, changed and tested with ease. 

Learn more about how we help organizations in the Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Government sectors:

Financial Services

Risk assessment, pricing rules, compliance checks, data validation, eligibility and much more. North52 Decision Suite helps financial service organizations implement critical decision logic into their processes.  


Decisions are at the heart of any insurance business and the North52 Decision Suite helps insurance organizations with underwriting, risk assessment, product eligibility, rating/pricing, quoting, claims adjudication, policy renewal, commission calculation and much more.


Improving and personalizing healthcare while driving operational efficiency and ensuring compliance is easier when using the North52 Decision Suite as part of your Microsoft Dynamics implementation. We can help you implement decision rules for health risk assessment, clinical decision support, claims processing, benefits enrollment and eligibility and more.


Reduce inefficiency and increase agility by easily incorporating decision logic into government and public sector processes. North52’s Decision Suite helps with grant application processes, benefits eligibility, case management, routing and approval, licensing administration, maintenance requests and more.