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Easily schedule recurring processes or CRM record updates

Every business has recurring processes and tasks that need to be done on repeatable and scheduled basis. Microsoft Dynamics 365 users are often surprised to learn that it is very difficult to achieve using standard functionality. The Scheduler module makes it easy to trigger workflows or updates to specific entity records on a scheduled basis. Users set the schedule time pattern and specify an Advanced Find query to determine the records to be affected when the schedule triggers. Used in conjunction with the Formula Manager this is a very powerful tool.

Key Features


Recurring Schedules within Dynamics CRM

You can create many different types of schedule frequencies such as Once, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Every X Minutes, Every X Hours, Every X Days, Every X Weeks, Every X Months.


Powerful Record Targeting

Use the native Advanced Find to build up a query which will target a specific set of records for each individual schedule.


High Performance

Build advanced sub-schedules when you really need to process 10,000+ or even 100,000+ records on a scheduled basis.

Execute Workflow/Action or Update Entities

You can execute a Workflow/Action or trigger the update of an entity as part of the schedule to perform an action.

Native to Dynamics 365

The scheduler has been built into Dynamics 365 so no need external programs. It uses native Dynamics controls and fields so it also looks and feels like a Dynamics 365 component.