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Easily move Dynamics 365/Dataverse data from one instance to another

North52 Data Packager

North52 Data Packager is an add-on for North52 Business Process Activities which enables you to easily move data from one instance to another.  Users simply select the records they would like to package up and North52 Data Packager adds the data to a data package sheet, ready for export. Moving the records to another instance requires the package solution to be imported and ‘unpacked’ on the target instance.

North52 Data Packager is ideal for:

  • Moving Dynamics configuration records
  • Copying Dynamics Portal records
  • Distributing demonstration data

Easy to add records to a Data Package

The animation above shows how to add Web Page records to a Data Package. Simply select the Web Page entity, search for the pages you wish to add, select them and then click the lightning bolt to add the records to the data package.

Make moving data easy

North52 Data Packager solves many common problems inherent in moving Dynamics records:

  • Resolving lookup references
  • Many to many relationships
  • Moving attachments
  • Post record creation updates

North52 Data Packager utilizes the North52 Business Process Activities rules engine and has access to over 450 functions which can be used to transform or change data as part of the import process. For example, for demo data, you can add functions to calculates dates so that your demo data remains fresh.


Benefits of the North52 Data Packager

  • Makes it easy to import configuration data
  • Quicker than creating custom SSIS packages
  • Able to preserve the existing record ID/GUID 
  • Ability to replace all GUIDs with new
  • Transport data that is not possible via Export to Excel/import, such as Activity Attachments
  • Easy to select and import many-to-many (N:N) relationships
  • Option set matching like Status and Status Reason based on a number, not label
  • Control the order that the entities are imported by changing the position of Data Package sheet
  • Parent-child references are automatically handled – e.g. Primary Contact on Account – Account record is created, then Contact record, then the primary Contact field is updated on the Account record
  • Deactivate specific plugins and processes prior to import and reactivate post-import
  • Ability to execute data packages as part of a DevOps process

North52 Data Packager is part of North52’s Decision Suite. It can be purchased standalone or as part of the suite – please contact if you would like a demo, request a trial key or purchase.

For Dynamics/PowerApp Portals

North52 Data Packager is ideally suited for managing the movement of configuration data for Dynamics/PowerApp Portals

For Unified Service Desk

North52 Data Packager is ideally suited for managing the movement of configuration data for the Unified Service Desk