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We help you test Dynamics 365 projects:



Our no code solution delivers automated CRM project testing faster


Simple to use point-and-click interface to build simple or complex testing plans


Lower your project risk and slash ongoing costs with automated process testing

TestShield® is a unique solution that helps you automatically test your End to End Dynamics 365/CRM processes.  It is built on the proven and robust North52 Business Process Activities rules engine and offers the ability to repetitively test and report on your key business processes.

Imagine being able to be warned of potential process failures BEFORE they make it to your production environment.

TestShield is a collaborative automated testing solution designed to test and validate Dynamics 365/CRM. It features a codeless testing framework that enables multiple cross-functional team members to design and execute automated end to end tests. With TestShield, you can dramatically reduce the cost of validation and increase test coverage without increasing resources.

End to End testing

The key to testing your software is not whether or not it passes software unit tests – these tests are useful to ensure a piece of code does what it is meant to do in isolation – it is whether the whole business process functions as expected – including long-running background (asynchronous) processes.

Before TestShield, end to end testing for Dynamics 365 required very time-intensive manual testing, which could be very slow and difficult to repeat on a timely basis. It simply would not be feasible to do such manual tests after each daily software build. TestShield not only makes it easy to set up the automated tests, you can schedule the tests to run as often as you need.


Advantages of automated end to end testing

  • Reduces cost and saves money
  • Less time and effort
  • Better integration testing
  • Early detection of issues
  • Improved quality
  • Better documented processes





Assemble. Arrange. Act. Assert.®

TestShield is a testing solution for Dynamics 365/CRM which covers what we call the “four A’s of automated software testing“:

Assemble – describe the feature or process that you are testing using Gherkin language

Arrange – TestShield helps you automate the creation of test data – simply select from existing records plus their related records and TestShield will automatically arrange a ‘slice’ of your test data based on your selection

Act – easily define the processes you wish to trigger as part of your test

Assert – define the expected results


Business Challenges

Delivering high-quality applications is vital to an organization’s longevity. Development has become more agile, but QA testings tools and processes have remained fairly static. Many tests are still run manually and the use of shareable, reusable test assets is often limited or doesn’t exist. Organizations are aware of the need to automate tests yet find that they revert to manual testing processes. Some of the main reasons for this include:

End to end testing is difficult

Dynamics applications are complicated and often tests need to span across multiple entities, workflows, plugins, business rules and external sources (e.g. Azure, Logic Apps, Flow). Further, some end to end processes can take several hours or days to complete. Manual testing is the only way most organizations are able to tackle these challenges.

Release cycles for features are shorter

Build cycles for feature updates are getting shorter and testing is unable to keep up. This adds to the backlog of manual tests that should be automated.

Technical skills not available

Automated testing often requires developers to build (e.g. Visual Studio) the test cases and keep them updated. Due to other pressures on their time, they often don’t have the time to do this and therefore manual testing is used.

With TestShield, you can dramatically reduce the cost of validation and increase test coverage without increasing resources

Continue reading to learn more about TestShield’s features which help you overcome these business challenges.

Test Types

TestShield currently supports 3 test types: Process Shield, API Shield and Data Shield.


Process Shield

Testing of end-to-end processes – learn more


API Shield

Testing APIs to ensure they are working as expected – learn more

Data Shield

Ensure that your data hasn’t changed or falls outside of thresholds – learn more

Key Features of TestShield

Fully integrated with Dynamics 365

TestShield is the only 100% Dynamics 365/CRM native end to end testing solution available. This makes it easy to deploy and set up, and requires no additional servers to provision.

Easy to use by BAs, Testers, and Developers

TestShield’s interface makes it very easy and fast to create end to end functional tests by BAs, Testers and Developers alike.

Advanced test data generation

TestShield enables you to generate test data easily from your existing information. Simply search for a CRM record, select it and any related records, and then click a button to automatically take a ‘slice’ of the data. This data slice can then be used when setting up your auotmated tests.

Codeless advanced testing reduces test creation time

TestShield’s Point and click editing interface for setting up test data, defining test execution patterns and specifying the asserts makes setting up tests extremely fast.

Over 350 built in functions

TestShield has over 350 built in functions that can be used to create and manipulate test data, execute internal and external processes, and define logic for your test asserts.

Test and validate across all layers with a single test

TestShield has a unique ability to invoke and verify a single test across all layers of the application. This makes it a great fit for organizations that need to test Dynamics 365/CRM applications that have processes which span across legacy systems, custom applications and cloud based services.

Improve collaboration between your team

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Find out how you can reduce the risk of errors in your Dynamics 365/CRM projects

The cost of software failures cannot be ignored!

Research by found that in 2016, software failures cost the economy USD$1.1 trillion in assets. In total, software failures at 363 companies affected 4.4 billion customers and caused more than 315 1/2 years of lost time.

USD $1.1 trillion in assets

4.4 billion customers affected

315.5 lost years