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Automate end-to-end testing of your processes

Process Shield


With Process Shield, available as part of TestShield, you can ensure that all your Dynamics 365 Dataverse/CRM processes (workflows, plugins, Microsoft Flows) are executing and functioning as you expect. The processes can span multiple entities and systems and can test business logic that executes in real-time or as part of a long-running background process.

Setting up a Process Shield test follows the same “Four A’s” pattern as all of TestShield’s tests:

  • Assemble – describes the functionality of the process that you are testing
  • Arrange – allows you to define test data for multiple records across multiple entities
  • Act – define parts of the process that would normally require a manual trigger e.g. an on-demand workflow/Flow
  • Assert – define the expected results for any of the records created as part of your test

Process Shield tests can be executed manually, part of an automated Test Runner schedule or from Azure DevOps.


The example in the images below shows how to test a basic process where a workflow is initiated to copy the Main Phone field from a Contact’s parent account to the Contact’s Business Phone field. On the Arrange sheets, one Account record and two related child Contacts are defined. The Account record has the Main Phone field populated, and the Contact’s Business Phone field is not included and thus will be blank initially. The Act sheet has a function defined to execute the workflow for each contact that will copy the Main Phone field contents from the parent account as part of the test execution. The Assert sheet defines what is expected in the fields relating to the created Contacts.