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Welcome to the North52 Blog! 

North52 Release – January 2022 – v624

New Features Increased debugging capability around Associate processing Added extra timing around Decision Sheet Added support to allow a Formula Summary fields to record comments   New Functions CDate(), CDateExact()   Bugs Fix encoding when...

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North52 Release – November 2021 – v622

New Features Allow the ToString() function to take LCID as a parameter Add support for accessing 'responseuri' when using CallRestAPI() function   Portals: Added new display loader Portals: Added extra support around validation logic when submitting forms...

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North52 Release – April 2021 – v618

New Features Enhanced treeview for GlobalCalculations Enhanced Split() function to handle splits by a string of characters. Added support for Row 3 in Decision Tables to allow functions when using curly brace constants Added support...

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