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Welcome to the North52 Blog! 

North52 Release – June 2022 – v630

New Features Added capability to have Tables within an xCache record Added ability to quick create 10 or 100 rows inside Decision Table Enhanced performance tracking on xCache when dealing with Portal requests Enhanced xCache to take more than 1 million characters...

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North52 Release – January 2022 – v624

New Features Increased debugging capability around Associate processing Added extra timing around Decision Sheet Added support to allow a Formula Summary fields to record comments   New Functions CDate(), CDateExact()   Bugs Fix encoding when...

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North52 Release – November 2021 – v622

New Features Allow the ToString() function to take LCID as a parameter Add support for accessing 'responseuri' when using CallRestAPI() function   Portals: Added new display loader Portals: Added extra support around validation logic when submitting forms...

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