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Insurance companies trust North52 to automate critical decisions

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 or the Power Platform you too can simplify the complexity of your business rules.


Insurance companies rely on thousands of complex rules to run their businesses. Our intuitive interface allows knowledgeable insurance analysts to easily manage and update these rules and adapt to changing market conditions without having to write code. We help with processes such as:


  • Underwriting
  • Risk assessment
  • Product eligibility
  • Rating/pricing
  • Quoting
  • Claims adjudication
  • Policy renewal
  • Commission calculation
  • Data Validation

Other Industries

Learn more about how we help organizations in other industries:

Example: Learn how North52 helps with Automated Claims Adjudication

Claims Adjudication processes can be very complex and using a business rules engine to automate the claims process can save significant time, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction. North52’s Decision Suite helps you implement complex rules on the Microsoft Dynamics 365  Platform. 

In a series of articles, we show how an automated claims process for dental insurance can be implemented using the North52 Decision Suite, Dynamics 365 and Power App Portals.  Review the articles for a deep understanding of how the business rules logic is implemented using Decision Tables. 

Claims Adjudication Rules - Dental Insurance Policy

Example: Learn how North52 helps with Commission Calculations

Insurance companies work with Brokers/Agencies to sell their products and Dynamics 365 is a great system for managing that partner relationship.

An important part of this relationship is the management of commissions that the Agencies are entitled too. These commission agreements can be complex and a robust system is needed to manage the commission plans and calculations. 

This video shows and example of how North52 can be easily configured to calculate commissions with data coming from an external system. For a full breakdown of the rules and the North52 implementations review this knowledge base article.

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