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Ensure that your APIs are functioning correctly

API Shield


With API Shield, available as part of TestShield, you can ensure that the various APIs that your system integrates with are up and running and functioning as you expect. You can test any REST-based API, including Microsoft Flows, and Azure APIs. Setting up an API Shield test follows the same “Four A’s” pattern as all of TestShield’s tests:

  • Assemble – describes the API functionality that you are testing
  • Arrange – allows you to define any number of test data inputs
  • Act – define how the API is called and what test data will be passed as parameters
  • Assert – define the expected results from the API based on the test parameters provided

API Shield tests can be executed manually, part of an automated Test Runner schedule or from Azure DevOps.


The example in the images below show how to test a Microsoft Flow as part an API Shield test. The Flow is set up to take 3 parameters – 2 number values and a text string – that are used in the Flow to make a calculation. The Flow returns the calculated result and this is asserted against the expected result.