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Business Rules Engine for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

The ultimate no-code decision suite for your Power Platform projects.

North52 Turbocharges Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dataverse, Dynamics Portals, Power Apps and Power Automate to help you deliver faster and easier.

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Simplify Complexity in your Power Platform Projects

Explore the North52 Decision Suite

The no-code North52 decision suite has two products that work great on their own—and even better together.

Advanced Business Rules

Advanced business rules that are easy to create and change

Eliminate the need to write custom plugins and JavaScript code.

Our business rules engine and point-and-click editor are native to Dynamics 365 providing unrivaled productivity.

Automated Testing

Automated end-to-end testing of your business processes

A unique way to ensure that your end-to-end business processes are protected from both planned and unexpected changes.

TestShield could save your business.

North52 solutions add significant value for projects in all types of industries and organizations — our client list is as broad as the functionality we provide!

Why choose North52

Join over 300 organizations worldwide who trust North52 to drive their digital transformation into the future.

Serious Power without Code:  Easily build business rules, tests and data packages using our point-and-click editors. Even the most complex business rules are easily configured.
Build Fast:  We’ve built the North52 tools with our user’s productivity in mind – up to 10x faster than writing custom code.
Awesome Support:  We take pride in providing world class support to our customers and partners, ensuring you are successful with North52.
Future Proof:  We ensure your business rules and tests that you configure today, will continue to work with the ever changing Dynamics 365 platform.

Let us work our magic, or try it yourself

If you would like to see how your requirements could be solved using North52 – provide us with the details and our team will be more than happy to build and show it working using North52 solutions. Or try it yourself with a free trial.

Personalized Demo

There’s nothing like seeing it in real-time and having the opportunity to ask questions relevant to your needs. Let us show you how we could help with a personalized demo.

Free PoC

Let us take your requirements and build a proof-of-concept solution that gives you the confidence our solutions are the right choice for your needs.

Free Trial

If you are hands-on and would like to try it yourself, that’s great! We’ll give you the keys to take a test drive and the support needed to help you get underway.