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Our business rules engine helps you deliver Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects:



Our no code solution delivers Dataverse/CRM projects up to 10 times faster than using custom code



Simple to use point-and-click interface to build simple or complex business rules


Lower your project risk and slash ongoing maintenance costs

Advanced business rules engine for Microsoft:

Dynamics 365/CRM
Power Apps / Power Pages

With North52 Business Process Activities (BPA) our goal is to help you embed your business processes into Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and Power Apps/Dataverse by simplifying how you build your customizations. It significantly reduces your need for development expertise and speeds up implementation time by up to 10x – sometimes more!

Eliminate the need for custom C# and JavaScript code from your projects.

North52 BPA is a native add-on/solution which consists of seven components:

The ‘engine room’ of North52 BPA, Formula Manager allows you to implement Excel-like formulas to manipulate data in a matter of minutes. With over 450 built-in functions non- developers can create and maintain the business rules you need.
The Decision Tables module makes it easy to build complex business rules and associated actions.
A custom workflow activity that seemingly performs magic! With direct access to the formulas you create with the Formula Manager, Process Genie gives you unrivalled power when creating your Real-time Workflows, Background Workflows, Dialogs or Actions.
The Scheduler module makes it easy to trigger workflows or updates to specific entity records on a scheduled basis.

WebFusion enables you to connect your Dynamics Dataverse/CRM system to thousands of REST-ful web services.

xCache makes working with reference data effortless.

SmartFlows allow you to automate business processes by allowing you to create a Flow that can collect, calculate, update and create Dynamics Dataverse/CRM information.