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New Features

  • Added capability to have Tables within an xCache record
  • Added ability to quick create 10 or 100 rows inside Decision Table
  • Enhanced performance tracking on xCache when dealing with Portal requests
  • Enhanced xCache to take more than 1 million characters
  • Added support for xCache Tables
  • Added Rapid Action support for row insertion
  • Added Rapid Action support for searching different types of calculations
  • Added ability to exclude rows
  • Added new freeze capabilities
  • Enhanced support for multi-select fields on server-side
  • Enhanced support for adding Global Actions with multi-parameters to Decision Table
  • Enhanced sheet navigation
  • Enhanced support for client-side formulas when no Guid specified for lookups
  • Enhanced support for multi-select field updates on the server side
  • Enhanced MatchListFindMissing(), MatchListFindIntersect(), MatchListFindIntersectExists() to take new separator parameter
  • Added new parameter on xCacheGetGlobalTable() to target specific xCache ranges of records
  • Added support for fields of type File on the Portal


New Functions

  • xCacheGetGlobalTable(), Interpolation()
  • HideProcess(), ShowProcess(), ReflowProcess()



  • Fixed bug on Publish Formula command trying to invoke old process
  • Fixed bug when adding Assertion data on newly created Test


Full release history is available here