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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows you to create Inspection Templates to facilitate inspections associated with a Work Order. The inspection questionnaires can have basic rules within them, however, these are static and all inspections based on the templates will have the same rules.

In some scenarios it would be preferable to be able to create truly dynamic questionnaires, changing the display and rules based on previous inspections – with the North52 business rules engine for Microsoft Dynamics 365 this can be done easily.

This article will show how information from a previous inspection is used to change labels and question visibility rules.  To illustrate, we use a very simple scenario of a temperature reading inspection that is done periodically – however, we can support significantly more complex requirements.  The rules are defined below.

Rules for Dynamically Generated Inspection Templates

Rule # Description
1 When there has been a previous inspection for the same Service Account and a Primary Incident Type of “Inspection”, show the previous inspection date temperature on the next inspection:

“Previous Reading on [Date] was [Previous Inspection Response]°C”

2 If the current inspection temperature is greater than the previous, then display a new required question:

“The previous inspection reading was [Previous Inspection Response]°C, what has happened?”

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