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Often when using Microsoft Power Apps Portals your data collection requirements and rules are more complex than can be configured using standard functionality. North52’s advanced business rules engine for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps Portals provides no-code tools to help address this problem.

In this example we use the scenario of a hospital admission questionnaire. There are several key requirements that need to be addressed using North52 functionality:

Requirements for an advanced Patient Admission Form

Req # Description
1 Form structure changes depending on when the form was first submitted

  • For example, new fields, sections, and tabs may be added and others removed, but if you are viewing an older submission you want to see the form as it was when the data was submitted without the extra fields
2 Validation rules only to be applied when the user is ready to submit their information

  • When completing complex forms sometimes you don’t have all the data to hand, so you need to answer it as best you can, save it, and then come back later to complete it. You don’t want validation logic to be applied for mandatory fields until the user has indicated that they are ready to submit.
3 Form logic/rules need to be easily created and maintained without writing code
4 Form logic/rules need to be applied to both Portal Forms and Model-Driven App forms

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