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New Features

  • Enhanced treeview for GlobalCalculations
  • Enhanced Split() function to handle splits by a string of characters.
  • Added support for Row 3 in Decision Tables to allow functions when using curly brace constants
  • Added support for ClearControlNotification() function in Portals


  • Fixed issue with UpdateCreateRecord() function when passing in ‘?’ for primary key
  • Fixed issue with single digits inside curly braces
  • Fixed issue with periods inside curly braces
  • Fixed issue with the HaversineDistance() function
  • Fixed issue with PreCreate event on systemuser entity
  • Fixed portal issue when updating datetime fields
  • Fixed issue with Validation formulas handling ‘NoOp’
  • Fixed issue with case sensentivity on RegexIsMatch(), RegexMatch() & RegexReplace()


Full release history is available here