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New Features

  • Removed all references to ‘ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx’
  • Added v9 level App module
  • Added new wizard for fetch-xml creation
  • Added new tree nodes for fetch-xml based Entity Collections
  • Added support for brokered properties for Azure Queues

New Functions

  • HeaderFooterSectionHideAll(), HeaderFooterSectionShowAll(), HeaderSectionSetBodyVisible(), HeaderSectionSetCommandBarVisible(), HeaderSectionSetTabNavigatorVisible()
  • GetPrimaryEntityId(), xCacheLoadLocalEx(), GetCorrelationId(), SetBrokeredProperties()
  • Merge()


  • Added workaround for Microsoft bug \ design flaw where the GUID of a record gets generated before the save when BPF associated with the record and validation fails
  • Fixed Data Packager bug when adding Phone Call entity records
  • Fixed Data Packager bug when adding N:N entity records
  • Fixed issue with Decision Table when building custom action Input Params being labelled ‘north52_command’


Upgrade Notes

Please see the following KB article for further details,
Upgrade to v1.0.0.616

Full release history is available here