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New Features

  • Added support to supply your own Tracking Token string for SendEmail() function
  • Enhanced error messages for client side exceptions
  • Allow sort order to be configured on the function SharePointFindDocumentsByFetchXml()
  • Allow Scheduler to filter out duplicates from result-set of fetch-xml entitycollection result
  • Allow GetOptionSetName() function to work non picklist field datatypes
  • Added support for Put calls using query string params in the CallRestApi() function

New Functions

  • NavigateToEntityList(),NavigateToWebresource()
  • GetPlatformVersion(), GetSolutionVersion()


  • Fixed issue with N52 Command entity not showing up
  • Fixed issue when calling Actions with related Create, Update or Delete events configured
  • Fixed issue when calling Actions whose names are a subset of the Book & Reschedule message names
  • Fixed bug using radio button display type for 2 option fields
  • Fixed bug when using date fields with a datepicker
  • Fixed bug where more the one million characters was trying to be place into the North52 trace entity and raising an exception
  • Fixed bug when performing formula validation on Dynamics v8.0
  • Fixed issue when using Business Unit name with xCache
  • Fixed issue when using ToString() function with special formatting via the Dynamics Portal

Full release history is available here