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In this business scenario we want to update the longitude and latitude of an Account whenever there is a change made to the Account’s address.

We can do this by using North52’s CallRestAPI function along with the Google Geocoding API service.

Note you will need an API key from a Google Maps Platform account that has the Geocoding API enabled. Click here for more details.

North52 BPA Solution

The North52 BPA solution works like this:

  • A Formula is set up that triggers whenever one of the Account’s address fields are changed
    • This formula will make an API call to the Geocoding API service using the address values and an xCache record that stores your Geocoding API key
    • The formula will then interpret the response from the Geocoding API
      • If the response contains a longitude and latitude, the formula will then update the longitude and latitude of the Account
      • If the response does not contain a longitude and latitude, the formula will then update the description field to Longitude and Latitude not found

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