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When a customer purchases a product, that product should be shipped from the nearest supplier or warehouse for efficiency. In this article we show you how you can use a combination of North52 and Bing Maps Distance Matrix API to find the nearest supplier and associate it to a Quote line item when the Quote line item is being created.

North52 BPA Solution

The North52 BPA solution works like this:

  • A Formula is set up on the Create and Update of a Quote Line Item which:
    • Finds all Suppliers for the given product which have Latitude and Longitude coordinates
    • Creates a JSON representation of the Customer and Suppliers in the format required by the Bing Maps Distance Matrix API
    • Calls the Bing Maps Distance Matrix API using the CallRestAPI function
    • Uses North52’s xCacheLoadLocal function to load the returned results into memory and sort them to find the nearest supplier 
    • Finally, it updates the Quote Line record with the closest supplier

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