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New Features

  • Added direct support for Confirm Message & SubGrid within Quick Button UCI
  • Extend Wizard to use compound SetFindAnd()  
  • Enhanced configuration options when raising exceptions from ExecuteFormula function

New Functions

  • xCacheRemoveFields(), xCacheLoadLocalFromJson(), ConvertCollectionToJson() 
  • GetShortCode()


  • Fixed issue with client-side formulas when saving Decision Tables with references to certain Global Option Sets
  • Fixed issue on Action formulas where Calculation references not being binded correctly
  • Fixed issue when passing entitytype on lookups for client side formulas.
  • Fixed issue with SmartFlowExceptionGuard() function on executing n steps
  • Fixed issue with client-side formulas connected to the Save & Close button for Quick Create forms on UCI 
  • Fixed issue when using related entities via FindValueEx() and Post-Lite option for client-side formulas 
  • Fixed issue regarding middlename field & FindRecordsValue function
  • Fixed issue with calculation columns and updating parent fields within Decision Table
  • Fixed issue when saving Decision Tables and certain option-set references
  • Fixed issue when using SendEmail() function and tracking tokens
  • Fixed issue when publishing managed solutions with formulas around web-resources references 

Full release history is available here