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New Features

  • Updated publish process so that SDK Message Processing steps related to Actions are rebuilt if  missing
  • Updated publish process so that if formula detail is missing its web-resource it is rebuilt
  • Update the function CreateJProperty() to be numeric aware
  • Enhanced performance of formula save times when performing option-set value validation
  • Enhanced  fetch-xml validation on Schedules & Formula Detail records
  • Increased size of Category & SubCategory fields on formula entity
  • Enhanced GetEntityMetadata() function to return option-set data
  • Added support for native fetch-xml in Decision Tables
  • Added support for Assign & Upsert parent level message events 

New Functions

  • JArrayParse()


  • Fixed issue with client-side formulas when generating dirty data and embedded web-resources
  • Applied workaround to Microsoft bug accessing fields in a BPF when stage not active
  • Fixed issue with Portal formulas where the wrong culture was being used
  • Fixed issue with the FindRecordsFD wizard where list of formula detail records not displaying
  • Resolved a Microsoft issue where change of OwnerID field from Assign button had an altered ParentContextMessageName
  • Fixed issue when using OnLoad & OnStageChange events together on a form 
  • Fixed bug with decimal fields and library calculations
  • Fixed bug when using the function RecordTotalNested()
  • Fixed but around character encoding with the FindRecords() function
  • Fixed bug where ExitAllDecisionTables() function not working properly with QuickTiles.

Full release history is available here