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New Features

  • Added new formula type called Library Calculation
  • Added extra parameter on ThrowError() function to allow for injection of two new lines
  • Added new UCI form for Formula entity
  • Added short-cut key F2 for instant edit mode on Decision Tables
  • Added short-cut key F4 for Toggle Advanced Mode Decision Tables
  • Added ability for GetPartyListItemId() to return NoOp for un-resolved activity parties
  • Improved load times of formula editor by lazy loading certain API calls 

New Functions

  • SetFormulaParameters(), ExecuteFormula(), 
  • ConvertxCacheLocalToEntityCollection(), SetLookupEntityTypes(), CalculateDaylightSavingsDifference()
  • GetHour(), GetMinute()
  • SetParamsNoEncoding(), ColumnSet(),  GetRecordIDEntityReferenceCollection(), SmartFlowExceptionGuard()


  • Fixed issue with StringFormat() function when used inside Decision Table
  • Fixed issue when using Post option on AddPreFilterLookup() function for client-side formula
  • Fixed issue with OnStageChange() event when using UCI
  • Fixed issue sync async issue when client-side formula connected to OnSave event
  • Fixed issue with special characters in field names on related entities
  • Fixed issue when finding optionset values on related entities
  • Fixed issue when finding optionset values on v9.1.0.5818 or higher
  • Fixed issue with deleting contents of cell row 3 in Decision Table when cell row 2 cleared 
  • Disabled Drag Drop fill on Decision Table
  • Disabled ability to remove row 1-4 on primary Decision Tables
  • Fixed issue setting client side dates
  • Fixed issue when saving Decision Tables with Multi-Option set values for Conditions
  • Fixed issue on D365 Mobile App where GetCurrentAppUrl() not returning URL
  • Fixed issue on UCI where client-side formulas returning NAN for non dirty field option-sets

Full release history is available here