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In this scenario, we require that both the Contact and Account entity share the AutoNumber count.

Whenever an Account or a Contact is created, we want their respective new_autonumber field to be filled automatically. We want this field to be iterated from the last Contact or Account. 

Note 1  : The North52 autonumber solution guarantees 100% uniqueness for autonumbers when a single entity is involved. In this KB article , two entities are involved so there is a small chance that duplicate autonumbers could occur under heavy system load. So please be aware of this risk if using the KB article. 

Note 2: We use a custom field on the Account entity called new_autonumber and another custom field on the Contact entity also called new_autonumber. You will need to create these first or replace wherever you see new_autonumber with your own field. 


North52 BPA Solution

The North52 BPA solution works like this:

  • Two Formulas are created – one that triggers on the creation of an Account, the other on the creation of a Contact
  • Both Formulas will search for the highest Account AutoNumber and the highest Contact AutoNumber using 2 Fetch Xml queries
  • They will compare the two AutoNumbers and take the highest value
  • They will set the AutoNumber for Account/Contact to be the current highest AutoNumber + 1

Note that both Formulas and their Fetch Xml queries are very similar, only the names of the Fetch Xml and the prefixes change from the first Formula to the second.

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