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Scenario Overview

In this business scenario we need to update open Opportunities on a daily basis to set a Remaining Business Days field.

We want this Remaining Business Days field to factor in our custom Calendar so that we know how many working days are left. This will provide useful information for reporting and scheduling. 

We will also set up a Schedule that will periodically run this formula over all Open Opportunities to ensure fully updated Opportunities

Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this:

  • A formula of type Save – Perform Action is created on the Opportunity entity
  • When the Est. Closed Date changes, the formula is triggered
  • The formula checks to see does Est. Closed Date contain data
  • If it does, the formula sets the default Calendar for this formula to be Super Holidays
  • It then calculates the remaining business days using the DiffWorkingDays function
  • The formula then updates the Remaining Business Days field with the result of the calculation

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