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Scenario Overview

In this scenario we have a requirement to move attachments from a Dynamics 365 system into SharePoint. This needs to be done for multiple entities: Account, Contact and Opportunities; and we want to move all attachments – old and new.

  • We will create a formula that executes over the attachments entity – Note
  • We will run this formula over the existing Notes via a Process Genie formula to move all the Notes to SharePoint in their own unique folders
  • We will then set up a Schedule that will execute nightly to move any newly created notes to SharePoint

This is beneficial as it reduces storage requirements in your Dynamic 365 system.  

North52 BPA Solution

The North52 BPA solution works like this:

  • We create a Decision Table that is executed by Workflow or whenever a Schedule is triggered
  • The formula will create a SharePoint folder to store the Entity’s Notes
  • It will then move the Notes to the SharePoint folder
  • Schedule executes nightly to move all newly created Notes to SharePoint

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