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New Features

  • Added support for Data Packager
  • Allow to configure specific encoding on CallRestApi() function
  • Allow support for fully Dynamic Quick Buttons
  • Updated the home configuration license page
  • Allow PriorValue() function access to formatted values
  • Allow regular comments in Decision Tables
  • Enhanced error message on missing custom actions
  • Allow direct use of multi-select fields in Decision Table
  • Allow directly adding comment columns to Decision Tables
  • Allow regular comments in Decision Tables
  • Allow adding of a comment column in  Decision Tables
  • In Decision Table allow for Creates only if record does not exist and UpdateCreateById
  • Enhance AssociateEntities() function to make a pre-check that record exists before creating M:M relationship
  • Support reverse lookup of guids via on PartyList, Customer, & Lookup fields for CreateRecord() UpdateRecord()
  • Portal: Added support for refreshform() function
  • Portal: Updated SetFormNotification to allow users to set a manual timeout
  • Portal: Added support for 2 option set value radio buttons
  • Portal: Added support for optionsets with multiple values
  • Portal: Disabled all Alert reporting -> Error message output to console only
  • Portal: Updated createdRequiredFieldValidator to use the display name in the error message instead of the schema name
  • Portal: Updated createdRequiredFieldValidator so ‘is a required field’ now uses the base language same as the Microsoft 

New Functions

  • xCacheGetDataPackage()
  • GetEntityMetadata(), GetVarHeaderValue(),
  • MatchListFindMissing(), MatchListFindIntersectExists(), MatchListFindIntersect(),
  • UriGetFileName()
  • AzureKeyVaultGetSecret(), AzureEventGridSendMessage()
  • AzureADGetTokenV2(), AzureADGetToken(),
  • AzureServiceBusDeleteMessage(), AzureServiceBusPeekLockMessage(),
  • CreateRecordIfNotExistsById() , CreateRecordIfNotExistsByName()
  • UpdateCreateRecordById(), UpdateCreateRecordByName()
  • GetSystemUrl()
  • EscapeDataString(), UnEscapeDataString(), EscapeUriString(), UnEscapeUriString()
  • UnixTimeStamp()


  • Fixed issue so that UpdateRecord returns the guid of the record updated and not NoOp.
  • Fixed isssue with SetPickListValues()
  • Fixed bug relating to optionset values not showing under the Source treeview
  • Fixed bug in IE11 with the Quick Button for Portal
  • Fixed issue MergeEntityCollections where the result EntityCollection had no records
  • Fixed issue when missing field adx_websiteid from adx_entityform on older Portals

Upgrade Notes

Please see the following KB article for further details,