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Some businesses have a requirement to create Quotes from previous Invoices. Doing this can be time consuming, especially if the invoice has many product items – copying recreating these can be a task in itself. 

With North52, you can generate a Quote from an invoice with the click of a button. Whats more, using our Decision tables, you can easily change parts as you see fit.

Note that below we delve into how to create this Decision Table from scratch for educational purposes. However if you wish to quickly set it up, you can copy and paste the Formula text file. The text file can be found at the bottom of this article with instructions. 

N52 Formula Manager Solution 

Create Formula 

  • Create a new Decision Table of type ClientSide Calculation
  • Set the Source Entity to Invoice
  • Right-click on the Decision Table and select Insert > Insert Decision Table 
  • Right-click on the Decision Table and select Insert > Insert Decision Table 
  • Rename the 3 sheets to Create Quote , Create Quote Details and Open Quote
    • You can rename the sheets by double clicking on the sheet label 

Create Quote Sheet

This sheet will create the Quote using the Invoice fields. As an Invoices Potential customer can be a Contact or an Account, we will need to two different rows – one for Contact, one for Account

  • Right-click and select Set Sheet Options > Use Create Record
  • Select columns C to N on the Decision Table
  • Right click cell B2 and select Insert > Insert Action
    • Note that if you have a build of North52 BPA prior to 562, the Actions may be inserted to the right and you will need to select Delete > Delete Column to remove the space 
  • Select cell A2
  • Go to the Source tab and expand Source
  • Find Customer Type and click on it
  • Click on cell A4
  • Type ‘account’, make sure to include the single quotes. 
  • Select cell B2, go to the Explore tab, expand Entities and find Quote
  • Expand Quote and select Bill to Street 1
  • Click on B4 
  • Go to the Source tab and click on Bill to Street 1
  • Click on B5
  • Go to Source tab and click on Bill to Street 1 
  • Repeat this process : matching the Quote fields to their corresponding Invoice fields as shown in the screenshot below. 
    • Note that Potential Customer is different; Type in cell N4: ‘account