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New Features

  • Enhanced validation around inserting columns to Decision Table
  • Enhanced Clone function to take start & end number of records for 1:N relationships
  • Enhanced SharePointCreateDocumentLocation function to create top level records
  • Enhanced SharePoint functions to give better error message when wrong username password entered
  • Enhanced Process Genies so that they automatically take parameters from custom actions
  • Added support for N:N between Campaign & Marketing List
  • Added ability to Exclude columns from a Decision Table
  • Added a ‘Processing…’ overlay on the UI when saving formulas
  • Added support for the UOM entity
  • Added support for registering formulas against CRM Actions
  • Added support to pickup on input & output parameters for CRM Actions within editor
  • Added support for the RemoveAttributes function to take a ‘*’ parameter
  • Added support to access action parameters from the UI
  • Added support for EntityCollection & Entity on Action Input parameters when using ExecuteAction()
  • Fixed Chrome issue for stripping t r n from Urls
  • Allow for multiple client-side actions within a loop 

New Functions

  • ReplaceFirstOccurrence() , ReplaceLastOccurrence() , IsInteger() , IsDecimal()
  • CountOccurrences() , IsAlpha() , IsAlphaNumeric()
  • Sleep(), IsValidIBAN()
  • SetActionOutputParameters()
  • CreateEC(),  AddEntityToEC() ,  RemoveEntityFromEC()
  • CreateEntity(),  UpdateEntity(), UpdateEntityNative() , SetAttributeNative(),  RemoveAttributeFromEntity() ,  FindECRecord()
  • TrimEnd(), TrimStart()
  • CheckAttributeExistsOnEntity()
  • CreateMoney (),   CreateEntityReference() ,  CreateOptionSetValue() ,  CreateRecordWithEntity(), CreateRecordWithEntity()
  • FindRecordsValueNative()
  • GetSourceChangeList() , SetVarMultipleClientSide()
  • CalculateRollupField(), JObjectParse()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue around Inline Calcs for Decision Tables
  • Fixed issue where client-side formulas not executing for the Unified Interface for the OnLoad event
  • Fixed error message for xCache references when key not found
  • Fixed validation issue so Category name for xCache records cannot contain a ‘_’
  • Fixed deployment issue where  AzureTimer caused exceptions
  • Fixed bug for formulas of type Calculated Field not displaying correctly

Full release history is available here