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Scenario Overview 

In this Scenari , our users need the ability to quickly create a Contact that is associated with an Account. They want for shared fields to be copied from the Account to the new Contact. 

We shall accomplish this by creating a Quick button that triggers a formula on the Account entity. This formula will create a Contact with all the mapped fields associated with its Parent Account copied over. 

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this:

  • A formula of type ‘Process Genie’ is created on the Account entity
  • This Formula will be triggered by a Quick Button on the Account Form
  • The formula will create a Contact using the fields that are mapped from the Account
  • This formula will also set two fields – Last Name and Description – to a default value. 

Note 1 : The Parent Account Entity will not have a name that can be used. We will need to set a default name for the new Contact that can be altered later. 


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