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New Features

  • Decision Tables support for direct updates to related entities
  • Decision Tables support for SetEntityTargetRecord() function
  • Decision Tables support for native looping
  • Added support so that the function SetRequestedExpected() can take a CSV list of possible values

New Functions

  • AddUsersToAccessTeam(), RemoveUsersFromAccessTeam() , AddUsersToTeam(), RemoveUsersFromTeam()  
  • SharePointCreateDocumentationLocation()
  • TimeRangeGetRelation(),  TimeRangeGetIntersection(), TimeRangeIsSamePeriodCheck(), TimeRangeHasInsideCheck(), TimeRangeOverlapsWithCheck(), TimeRangeIntersectsWithCheck()
  • FindValueQuickIdEx(), FindListValuesEx
  • TimePeriodsFindGaps(),  TimePeriodsFindGroupOverLapPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindGroupIntersectionPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindGroupInsidePeriods(), 
  • ExecuteLocalJSFunction() 
  • CreateRecordFromParent() , ReplaceMultiple()  
  • TimePeriodsFindAfterPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindBeforePeriods(), TimePeriodsFindEnclosingPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindEnclosingEndTouchingPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindEnclosingStartTouchingPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindEndInsidePeriods(), TimePeriodsFindEndTouchingPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindExactMatchPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindInsidePeriods(), TimePeriodsFindInsideEndTouchingPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindInsideStartTouchingPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindStartInsidePeriods(), TimePeriodsFindStartTouchingPeriods(), TimePeriodsFindOverlaps()
  • TimePeriodsFindIntersectionDates()

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue user setting name of Formula on Create
  • Resolved issue with FindListValues() where null values were found
  • Resolved issue with QuickRibbon related to form types
  • Resolved wizard issue on FindRecords function generation
  • Resolved issue with Async. formulas when multiple formulas already exist
  • Resolved encoding issue on adding Source fields to Decision Table
  • Resolved issue in Decision Table so now delete contents of cell in row 2 also deletes contents of row 3
  • Resolved issue with SharePointCreateSite function
  • Resolved issue with un-install procedure around sitemap & security role
  • Resolved issue with fetch-xml generation
  • Resolved client side issue with QuickRibbon app and GetFormType  
  • Resolved issue with AddCustomView function on mobile clients

Full release history is available here