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New Features

  • Allow support for team & business unit entity
  • Decision Table Action Column now supports multiple actions on triple curly brackets
  • Enabled support for Asynchronous formulas across all applicable formula types
  • Enabled support for executing  formulas under the System account to get increased security privileges
  • Allow use of custom content-types for the CallRestApi() function 
  • Added support for Dynamics 365 (version 9.0)

New Functions

  • GetFormId(),  GetFormClientState(),  GetFormFactor(),  GetFormType()
  • GetDifferenceWorkingTime()    

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue around expandcollapse tabs for Mobile clients
  • Fixed issue with workflows firing from System User account
  • Fixed issue with autonumber
  • Fixed issue with plugin registration around secure un-secure configuration
  • Fixed issue around reading of the North52 Configuration License Accepted field
  • Fixed issue with N:N Associate when no related entities supplied
  • Fixed issue with SetPartyListCombined on PartyList fields 
  • Fixed exception issue with post-operation plugin on north52_configuration entity 

Full release history is available here