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New Features

  • Allow Quick Button to call any formula type
  • Allow you to control the seed value of the Random function
  • Allow failing client-side formulas to just return error message instead of exception
  • Add support for Quick Tile App.

New Functions

  • BrowserReload, FormSave, SetLabelSection, SetLabelTab.
  • QuickButtonEnable, QuickButtonDisable
  • AddToQueue, BPSetActiveStageSS, RandomCollectionOfIntegers 
  • MergeEntityCollections, RecordEntityName

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed name issue with function FindValueQuickName
  • Fixed issue with GetSourceProperty function when accessing optionset & money fields
  • Resolved auto setting of blank in  SetPickListValues() function
  • Fixed paging issue in the formula editor for the Processes node
  • Fixed bug where Scheduler basic license not enforced properly
  • Fixed issue with client-side & process genie formulas failing on processing parameters
  • Resolved issue with SetEntityTarget function not processing correctly the first parameter
  • Fixed issue where sdk message processing steps were being remove in error
  • Fixed issue for client-side formula with message ‘

Upgrade Notes

If you are using the Quick Button solution and upgrading to v1.0.0.530 or later then please also upgrade to the latest of the Quick Button solution using the link below, 

Full release history is available here