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New Features

  • Add support for the entityimage field
  • Added support for GenerateSalesOrderFromOpportunity & GenerateInvoiceFromOpportunity platform messages
  • Added support to filter erroneous data from formula detail query field
  • Removed the auto setting of blank in SetPickListValues() function
  • Enhanced WhoAmI() function to return any of context.userid, context.initiatinguserid, businessunitid, organizationid or a raw  WhoAmIRequest
  • Enhanced CreateJArray & CreateJArrayChildren so they can take plain text as a parameter
  • Enhanced Decision Tables Actions to act as Templates
  • Enhanced Decision Tables Conditions to take multiple values parameters on String & Memo fields
  • Added support to workaround Microsoft bug regarding AddPreFilterLookup

New Functions

  • SetEntityTargetRecord, FindValueQuickId, FindValueQuickName, OutputToTrace, GetOptionSetName
  • GetCalendarRules, ExpandCalendar
  • CreateQuickTile, CreateQuickTileCollection
  • ConvertSalesOrderToInvoice, ConvertQuoteToSalesOrder,
  • StringConcat, StringJoin, HtmlEncode, EscapeDataString, HtmlDecode, EscapeUriString
  • MinOfDates, MaxOfDates, MinOfDatesWithAnchor, MaxOfDatesWithAnchor, FindMatchParameter  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug relating to firing formula on delete of record and not using the sourcerelationship field correctly
  • Fixed paging issue in the formula editor for the xCache node  

Full release history is available here