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New Features

  • Decision Tables – Add ability to pass calculations as a parameter to an Action
  • Added new parameter to SharePointCreateFolder() function that if folder exists already it will not try to create folder
  • Allowed client-side formula to be attached to a form which is marked customizable = false
  • Enhanced error messages around dynamic fetch-xml queries
  • Allow SharePointDoesFolderExist function to take a full url on the folder name
  • Added control-click event to fetch-xml query attribute node in editor
  • Enhance PayLoad Xml to use same field on form multiple times
  • Enhancement to allow event trigger PropertyConfigurationStatus to execute
  • Added ability to allow for formula templates
  • Added support for multiple fields with RemoveAttributes() function

New Functions

  • SharePointDeleteFolder()
  • HaveFieldsChanged()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI issue where the Payload Xml was not refreshing when Source entity changed
  • Fixed issue with Federated Active Directory when using SharePoint Online functions
  • Fixed issue where you can now access the optionset label when using the PriorValue() function
  • Fixed UI issue where form elements not rendering correctly under the Source tab
  • Fixed issue with OnSave event for a client-side formula not executing
  • Fixed issue where a better error message is now displayed when North52 Publish All workflow is in draft status & user attempts a Publish
  • Fixed issue in Decision Table editor where option-set with a single character did not match correctly

Full release history is available here