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Scenario Overview

In this scenario, we will move the attachments from the notes on an account to that accounts SharePoint folder.

We are using Dynamics 365 Online and SharePoint Online for this example and have structured the formula to handle the standard out-of-the-box behavior from Microsoft.

To do this we will use a single North52 Formula with a Quick Button to trigger it.

N52 Formula Manager Solution – Decision Table

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • We create a formula of type ‘ClientSide – Calculation’ on the Account entity
  • When fired by the button the formula will get a list of all notes connected to that account
  • Any attachments it finds among the notes will be uploaded to  that accounts SharePoint

As Microsoft by default attaches the guid (with the hyphens removed) to the SharePoint folder name, we do the same to specify the folder the file is being sent to.

To use this in your own instance of Dynamics 365 all you would need to do is update the SharePoint URLs from to your own SharePoint URL and update the username and password.

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