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New Features

  • Added support for aliased field lookup fields for CreateHTMLTable() function
  • SelectForm function checks if form already selected and if so will not re-load
  • Added ability to break out of ForEachRecord
  • Enhanced ability to execute client-side formulas for Decision Tables
  • Added support for PriceList & PriceListItem entities
  • Enhanced client-side support for decision tables
  • Enhanced Then() function to support multiple actions if Enterprise or above license
  • Enhanced Association formula types to allows custom error messages
  • Added support for daylight savings calculation for Schedules 
  • Enhanced Configuration page
  • Added support for TLS 1.2 via WebFusion
  • Added support for Quick Action

New Functions

  • FindProductPropertiesByRegardingID()
  • FindProductPropertiesByRegardingIDAndPropertyName()
  • FindRecordsAudit()
  • GetDepth(), GetMessageName(), GetPrimaryEntityName()
  • CreateHTMLButton(), SetQueryString(), OpenQuickCreate(), SelectFormByName()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when using related fields on a Decision Table
  • Fixed issue with client-side formulas when publishing ‘sequence could not be found’
  • Fixed issue with caching of sdkmessageprocessingsteps
  • Fixed issue with Clone() function where overridden date being retained
  • Fixed issue with datetime fields & PriorValue() function not formatting correctly

Full release history is available here