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Scenario Overview

A business that is managing construction Opportunities has many dates which specify key milestone dates for managing a bid. They have several active bids at one time and each bid could be at different stages.

They want to be able to create a view which shows the open Opportunities by the next milestone due and show what that milestone is. 

For this example, the milestone date fields are set up on the Opportunity as:

  • Pre-Bid Meeting
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document
  • Bid Date

Note : You will need to create the following fields for this example:

new_prebidmeeting, new_schematicdesign, new_designdevelopment, new_constructiondocument, new_biddate, new_nextmilestone and new_nextmilestonedate

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this:

  • A daily Schedule is set up on the Opportunity entity to run a workflow for each open Opportunity
  • The workflow calls a Process Genie formula which uses the MinOfDatesWithAnchor function to calculate the nearest milestone date and populates a field called Next Milestone Date
  • The formula also uses the FindMatchParameter function to return the name of the field which matches the date returned for the Next Milestone Date
  • A view can now be easily created to show which milestones are approaching for open Opportunities                                                                     

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