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New Features

  • Allow direct use of ContainsData & DoesNotContainData in Decision Tables
  • Allow use of raw functions in Decision Tables
  • Allow use of a list for the SetPickListValues() function
  • Added support for North52 Schedule Extended
  • Enhanced ContainsData() and DoesNotContainData() to take multiple fields
  • Enhanced Between() function to support excludes on just one side
  • Added enhanced configuration support for the client-side onsave event
  • Added support for compound OR statements

New Functions

  • ContainsDataAndNotZero(), MultipleDecisionTable(), SetVarConcat()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when creating Process Genie formulas throwing a system format error
  • Fixed issue where event picklist not showing for autonumber formulas
  • Fixed issue on encoding with fetch-xml on FindRecordsFD function passing parameters 
  • Fixed issue when setting nulls for JSON documents 
  • Fixed issue on the tablet app where changing screens can throw an error  
  • Fixed issue where the primary guid not returned for related records 
  • Fixed issue where SetPickListValues() would not work on certain entities
  • Fixed issue with function SharePointFindDocumentsByFetchXml() aroud objecttype conversions 
  • Fixed issue with setting on nolock on custom fetch-xml queries 
  • Fixed issue with overloaded buffers for internal tracing 

Full release history is available here