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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with setting German currency, decimal & float client-side fields
  • Fixed issue with Process Genies where the initiaing user was system user when accessing usersettings entity
  • Fixed issue with multi-step DoLoop() function where not obeying  License editions
  • Fixed issue with the Scheduler processes multiple record set(s)

v1.0.0.499 (11-Jul-2016)

New Features

  • Updated Formula Editor UI to include a Register & Fetch-XML tab
  • Added new Source node for M:M relationships
  • Added new Source node for Processes
  • Added ability for formula to execute on sharepointdoclocation entity
  • Added support to call a clientside function for the stage change event
  • Searching functions auto expands on matching nodes
  • Under the Source node when you hold down the control key only the name part will insert
  • Added ability to select a field in the editor and add it as first parameter when function selected
  • Added ability to set a quote status to won, lost, close

New Functions

  •  CreateEmailFromTemplate(), FindTemplateById()
  • BPSetActiveProcess(), BPSetActiveStage(), BPMoveNextStage(), BPMovePreviousStage(), FindBPProcessID(), FindBPGetStageID()
  • OpenWindow(), OpenEntityForm()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with related records regarding datetime fields
  • Fixed issue with # character for client-side formulas
  • Fixed issue with setting picklist items in the header
  • Fixed issue around validation of dynamic field references in formula description
  • Fixed issue where true and false were showing as items in Source Property list box
  • Fixed client-side ‘Object Expected’ error when user exiting before formula completes
  • Fixed issue with Decision Table where primaryid of activity entities was not generated correctly
  • Fixed issue with searching on source node within IE

Full release history is available here