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Scenario Overview

In some situations you may have Invoices where there are multiple Invoice Product line items which are for the same Product but may have different attributes. For this business scenario the requirement is to automatically create a product summary view for each Product -  there is to be only one Invoice Product line per Product in the summary, so the quantity, cost price, selling price, tax and extended amount are to be summed for ‘like’ products.

In essence, it is required that each invoice have a custom sub-grid that shows only one entry of each Product . If there are multiple entries of the same products in the invoice, it is required that they been combined into one summarized version.

Note : For this sample, a custom entity called Invoice Product Summary needs to be created.  It is required to have the following fields:
new_name                                        Type : Single line of text 
new_productlookup                        Type : Lookup  
new_extendedamount                     Type : Single line of text 
new_quantity                                    Type : Floating Point Number  
new_sellingpriceperunit                  Type : Currency  
new_tax                                             Type : Currency   
new_invoiceid                                   Type : Lookup   

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