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New Features

  • Added support for CRM 2016 Update 1
  • Enhanced SetClientSideField() to process Lookups and Datetime fields
  • Added ability to send raw JSON XML as either application or text
  • Added an enhanced formula syntax checker 
  • Enhanced formula checker so it ignore comments
  • Added ability for BPA to work in a limited Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithm environments
  • Added ability to remove ‘::’ when using Clone() function
  • Reduced the save time when creating client side formulas
  • Enhanced logic around Create & Update client side formulas
  • Enhanced logging for client-side formulas
  • Added ability to update read-only fields for client-side formulas
  • Added parameter to the EnableFields() & DisableFields() functions ‘*’ to work with all fields.
  • Added ability to perform conditional actions within the MultipleClientSide() function
  • Turned off caching for related entities
  • Added ability for FindSum() & FindSumFD() functions to not use aggregate fetch-xml 

New Functions

  •  AddPreFilterLookup(), RemovePreFilterLookup()
  • SetClientSideFieldAppend (), GetActionOutputParameter ()
  • FindRecordsAuditHtml()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when assigning formula to a different user
  • Fixed client-side issue when using Save & Close
  • Fixed issue on tablets for number & datetime fields 
  • Fixed UI issue in formula editor around extra quotes being displayed in treeview
  • Fixed default value issue with FindMaxFD() FindMinFD() for date fields
  • Fixed issue with closing an incident record via UpdateRecord() function
  • Fixed issue with changing status of record in CRM 2016 
  • Fixed issue with Case() function for double executions of default action
  • Fixed issue with schedule deployment of new start and end times
  • Fixed issue regarding new forms rendering engine and client-side formulas
  • Fixed issue with Source related entities with multiple references to same entity
  • Fixed issue with direct updates to xCache
  • Fixed issue when saving formulas and messageid not being found
  • Fixed checksum issue with Microsoft patches on Sql Server

Altered Features

  • Deprecated the function SetClientSideDate() in favour of SetClientSideField()
  • Deprecated the function SetClientSideLookup() in favour of SetClientSideField()
  • The formula type ‘Save To Children’ has been deprecated

Full release history is available here