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New Features

  • Added support for Decision Tables
  • Added support for In-Memory Queries via xCache
  • Support for CRM 2016
  • Added support for multi-action DoLoops.
  • Added support for color coding of formula elements in formula editor
  • Added support to search any treeview in the formula editor
  • Added walk the tree capability to retrieve related data from the Source entity
  • Added lazy loading capabilities for some picklists within the formula editor
  • Enhanced client-side support for Tablet clients and error handling
  • Client-side support for calling dialogs via BPA SDK
  • Added default value parameter for xCacheGet
  • Can use SetAttribute instead of SetAttributeLookup if underlying datatype supports only 1 entity

New Functions

  •  xCacheCalculateLocal(), xCacheAddCalculatedFieldLocal(), xCacheFilterLocal(), xCacheGetLocal(), xCacheLoadLocal()
  •  SharePointCreateSite(), SharePointUpdateItemMetaData(), SharePointGetItemMetaData()
  • GetDayOfWeekName(), GetFirstDayOfWeek(), Between(),  IfTrue()
  • AddMinutes(), AddSeconds()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with CreateHtmlTable() where Quota was being exceeded.
  • Fixed issue where Formula Detail records shows an error message when opened.

Upgrade Notes

Altered Features

  • When using the CreateRecord() function the second parameter to determine the number of records to create is now optional
  • When using the SmartFlow() function the use of SmartFlowReturn() to return a value is now optional as the result of the last step will now do this automatically
  • When using a client-side formula to call a Workflow the guid of the record that you want to call the workflow for is required

Full release history is available here