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Scenario Overview

Note: This functionality will be publicly available in the next release expected in early September 

This scenario will demonstrate how to change the options available in a pick list depending on who the user is.

The business requirement here is that the Category pick-list on the Account form will display different pick-list values depending on what security roles have been assigned to the logged on user.

Matrix of Security Roles to Option Set Values

  • Everyone  Standard Customer
  • Salesperson Standard Customer, Internal Customer, Local Customer, International Customer
  • Sales Manager - Sames as Salesperson and Preferred Customer
  • Marketing Manager - Standard Customer, Advertising Client, Advertising Partner
  • System Administrator All Options

OptionSet Values:

  • Internal Customer – 100000001
  • Local Customer – 100000002
  • Standard Customer – 2
  • International Customer – 100000003
  • Preferred customer – 1
  • Advertising Client – 100000004
  • Advertising Partner – 100000005

OptionSet view for System Administrator

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