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Scenario Overview

In this scenario the requirement is to determine all the ‘Sales Team’ members of an Opportunity (i.e. an Access Team, new security feature in CRM 2013) & send them an email when the Opportunity reaches the ‘Close‘ stage.

In the screenshot below we can see that the Sales Team currently has 3 members on the Opportunity.

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • We create a Formula of type Process Genie on the Email entity
  • We create a Workflow to trigger on the Status change of an Opportunity
  • When the workflow is triggered it creates the Email
  • We then use a N52 Process Genie in the workflow to call the formula on the newly-created Email.
  • This Formula then uses a Fetch-XML query to retrieve the Sales Team members
  • The Sales Team members are then added to the email’s To list
  • Finally the Formula sends the email 

Note: The Fetch-XML query returns both the teammembership guid and the systemuserid guid. Therefore we must tell the SetAttributePartyList function which guid we want to use by setting the last parameter to ‘systemuserid’.

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