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Scenario Overview

In this scenario we were asked to demonstrate how to carry out different actions depending on which field has changed on an Account record.

To do this we will use the PriorValue() function and the Case() Statement.

In this example we will update the description box of the account recording changes to the Streets in Address 1.       

Note that to use the PriorValue function, the formula must be executed as Pre-Operation

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • A formula of type ‘Save – To Current Record’ is created on the Account entity
  • The Source Property is set to ‘Address 1: Street 1, Address 1: Street 2, Address 1: Street 3’
  • The Target Property is set to ‘Description’
  • Scroll down to Deployment Settings , expand it and set Pipeline Stage to ‘Pre-Operation (Synchronous)’ 

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