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Scenario Overview

In this scenario we are demonstrating how to use N52 BPA to create Template emails in CRM, and use both parameters and dynamic data slugs to populate the emails.

This will allow you to add information to emails using parameters passed like {0}, {1} etc. from within the formula and information like [], [incident.ticketnumber] from inside the template email itself.

For this example we will use a custom entity type called test1, however you can use this functionality with any entity in CRM.

The test1 entity has an N:1 relationship with the account entity.

Using the [syntax] functionality within the template you can reach across N:1 relationships and return data.
[new_test1.new_accountid.creditlimit.#] (see the notes on Syntax below) will retrieve the credit limit from the parent account connected with the test1 entity.

Global Template

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