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New Features

  • Support for CRM 2015 Update 1 (i.e. Carina release, 7.1.x.x)
  • Sitemap reference now generated in the CRM2013 CRM2015 solution
  • Allow configuration of the number of formulasschedules to publish in a single step
  • Allow configuration of the North52 Publish All feature
  • Added official release date on the North52 Configuration record
  • Scheduler now supports only executing during working hours
  • Scheduler now supports calculating next re-start for long running jobs 
  • Deployment solution items now fully support Status field changes
  • Deployment solution items now allow edits to managed items 
  • Added new maintenance option to remove BPA solutiondependencies 
  • Added new maintenance option to add BPA deployment solution

New Functions

  • GetParamFromUrl(), CreateQuoteFromOpportunity(), CreateQuoteFromOpportunity(), CreateSalesOrderFromOpportunity(), CreateInvoiceFromOpportunity()
  •  SharePointCreateFile(), SharePointCreateFolder(), SharePointDeleteFile(), SharePointFindDocumentsByFetchXml(), SharePointGetFile()
  • SendEmail(), Sha1(), SetTwoColumnOrder()

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with the SetClientSideLookup() function and the character ‘|’
  • Fixed issue with the paging cookie when caching user settings
  • Resolved issue with Disassociate() function to work when both sides of N:N contain same entity
  • Resolved issue on MoCa client for client-side formulas which caused an exception
  • Resolved paging cookie issue when cahcing UserSettings
  • Resolved issue with the pop-up window when executing a Command
  • Resolved IE11 issue where pop-up dialogs were never auto-closing
  • Resolved IE11 issue where list of form fields never displayed

Upgrade Notes

  • For the SetPickListValues() function added ability that the first named value in the list or the empty value will be auto selected.

Full release history is available here