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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the sitemap where it was resetting some of the elements
  • Fixed issue where the Dynamic Record URL field used in a workflow would not load for a formula
  • Fixed issue with Process Genie where the parameter XML would not accept virtual fields

v1.0.0.460 (16-Jan-2015)

New Features

  • Support for xCache
  • Support for WebFusion. Call Rest based Web-Services
  • Added support to copy attachments from one entity to another
  • Added support to allow the formula tester feature to be used from any browser.
  • Added support to allow loading of internal caches to use ‘no-lock’ when performing  query operations

New Functions

  • LCM(), GCD(), RecordUnShareAll(), CreateJArray(), CreateJArrayChildren(), CreateJObject(), CreateJProperty(), FindJArrayItem(), ThrowError() 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when calling the AssociateEntities() function for M:M relationship when same entity on both sides
  • Fixed issue on the Scheduler where the paging cookie was not being reset
  • Fixed issue on the Scheduler where the last run datetime next run date could be over written from a new deployment
  • Fixed issue that when you move a formula from one deployment solution to another that its child formula details records were not being moved as well

Upgrade Notes

  • Existing feature of exporting formulas schedules to zip file via Silverlight has been altered to push the zip file to be  attached to the North52 Configuration record so a user can download. This allows us to remove the last of our dependencies on  Silverlight.
  • Change when setting dates via CreateRecord() or UpdateRecord() to now use a UTC datetime rather than local datetime.

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Full release history is available here