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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when updating task activities 
  • Fixed issue in IE when using popup dialogs for processing. e.g. Start Schedule, Clone Formula, Publish Formula, etc.

v1.0.0.452 (20-Nov-2014)

New Features

  • Support for CRM 2015
  • Support for HTML5 Formula Editor
  • Allow parameter XML to be defined on Process Genie
  • Allow Process Genie to execute under a different user
  • Allow formulas to execute when form is read-only
  • Added support for a default blank on field parameters as #
  • Added support to read AliasedValues when using CurrentRecord()
  • Added ability to perform multiple actions via ForEachRecord() 
  • Added ability to stop Scheduler after first record

New Functions

  • CDecimalToInt32(), CFloatToInt32(), CNodeToXml(), GetDaysInMonth(), GetFirstDayOfMonth(), GetLastDayOfMonth(), IsLeapYear(), FindValueFD(), FindAvgFD(), FindCountFD(), FindMaxFD(), FindMinFD(), FindSumFD(), FindRecordsValue(), FindEntityCollectionCount(), CreateHtmlTable(), LinkRawUrl(), LinkDialogUrl(), LinkHyperLinkUrl(), MaxOf(), MinOf(), UpdateCreateRecord(), RecordShare(), RecordUnShare(), SmartFlow(), SmartFlowReturn(), CreateNoteIfExists(), DeleteRecordIfExists(), UpdateRecordIfExists(), CreateXmlRootNode(), CreateXmlRootAttribute(), CreateXmlDeclaration(), CreateXmlElement(), CreateXmlAttribute(), CreateXmlChildren(), FindXmlItem(), DeleteRecordsFD()

Deprecated Functions

  • Max(), Min(), Sum(), Count(), Avg(), Let(), LetReturn(), FirstRecord(), LastRecord(), FindRecordValue()

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue on scheduler when processing schedules of type weekly & quarterly
  • Fixed format issue on passing datetime parameters to fetch-xml
  • Fixed issue when using Create & UpdateRecord() for setting datetimes in UTC kind
  • Fixed bug where only the first 50 solutions displayed in the Deployment Solution pick-list
  • Fixed bug where scheduled actions uses the name not the uniquename field 

Full release history is available here