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  • Fixed issue  from CRM 2013, Update Rollup 2 where the getserverurl() function is no longer supported by Microsoft
  • Fixed issue  from CRM 2013, Update Rollup 1 where the label control of html webresources does not get hidden on hiding the entire control
  • Fixed issue  from CRM 2011, Update Rollup 16 where Silverlight Webresource controls no longer accept ‘No of Rows’ to set the height of the control
  • Now provide 3 different formula forms  High Res., Med Res., Low Res which controls the resolution of the formula editor depending on the resolution of your screen
  • Added ability to pass & reuse any field argument in the ‘Formula Parameter Xml’ field of Process Genie
  • Add new function GenerateGuid()
  • Added new function client-side function SelectForm() to set the form

Full release history is available here